The Importance of Social Media Presence as a Modern DJ

As a modern DJ & Producer one of the most important aspects of your career is the management of an intertwined and active social media presence. This usually includes the creation of a Facebook Fan Page which is constantly updated to include interactions with your fans, info on upcoming gigs, progress on new tracks and links to new work that you have uploaded for people to enjoy.

FB Page

As seen above ^ the cover photo shows the upcoming gig as well as the logo as the display picture. The latest pinned post was a mix featured on a new podcast in Melbourne and has been posted with the Soundcloud link.

As for Soundcloud, the site incorporates a links feature which allows you to include links to other social media pages as seen on the right panel in the image below

Soundcloud Page

The same also goes for Instagram with the blurb that can be filled in underneath your profile picture and name as seen below

IG Page

These features are fairly straightforward however not everyone utilises them effectively and could potentially miss out on potential bookings. Speaking from personal experience, I have been booked many times since I began my career in 2014 and have received praise from event organisers and managers for my ongoing and active social media accounts. Having said all of this, your performances have to back up what you post!


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