“How do you survive being a full time DJ?”

Many times I’m often asked how do I survive being a full time DJ – and the truth is, at times, it is extremely difficult! I am extremely lucky and fortunate to be in the amazing position that I am in  with the awesome network I have and support that I get from friends, family and fellow artists. These factors are only possible due to almost-obsessive amount of hours I put in especially when starting my DJ career.


When I first started DJing, I had already been producing music for a year and a half at the time and was looking for my big break. I entered the Your Shot program which is a yearly event where the group will interview thousands of people around the country and select 80 people from each state to give them an all-expenses paid 6-week DJ crash course. After the competition I was in frequent contact with a good friend I had made during my time in Your Shot and we were constantly on the hunt for any opportunity we could get.

man pushing up boulder

Often times the struggle to get work would feel like this^

Eventually within the first 3 months we had helped each other get a few non-paid gigs until we both scored our first paid gig in November that year! I had literally just left my secure finance job that week to pursue my dream and have not looked back since. I used this opportunity as the platform to meet as many people as I could in the industry up until the point I am at now where I have on average 1-2 gigs per week which enables me to live off.

Sold out profile pic!

My first paid gig was the SOLD OUT Fantasy Old School feat. Sydney stars Suae & Pulsar

The most important point that I cannot stress enough is to be realistic when negotiating a rate when getting paid for a gig and to encourage as much two-way communication as possible with the person paying you!


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