How to expand your market

As your music is starting to be recognised, you may eventually catch the ear of a fellow artist who may want to work with you on a collaboration project as a once-off or even on a permanent basis. If this were to happen, and you two were both able to pull it off, two different markets and groups of followers will culminate into one as two people will be advertising the music as opposed to one.


There are many different avenues to market your music as shown on the graphic above as well as the big ones Soundcloud, Spotify and the iTunes Music Store. Once your music is exposed on those platforms, your music opens up multiple avenues and thousands upon thousands of potential buyers of your music.

Having said that, people that don’t listen to your particular style of music may hear an aspect of one of your songs and may want you to work on something with them or for them; for example you write a nice piano breakdown or chord progression and may work well in a movie or a video game.

As shown below the worldwide online music market is extremely vast – it’s up to you to be the one that stands out 😉



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